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Were you injured while aboard a cruise ship?

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2015 | Personal Injury

Cruises provide passengers with the opportunity to enjoy luxurious surroundings while traveling to famous ports and destinations around the world. Today, more people than ever are taking cruises with the Cruise Lines International Association estimating that more than 27 million people embarked on cruises during 2014.

The massive size and city-like infrastructure of modern cruise ships provide comfort to passengers who are likely to forget they’re even on a boat. Being aboard any type of sea vessel, however, comes with certain inherent dangers and cruise ships are no different. In addition to the possibility of striking an object while at sea and capsizing, there are numerous other types of accidents and injuries that may occur while aboard a cruise ship.

Injuries that result from falls are among some of the most common that a passenger or employee may suffer. An individual may slip and fall on a ship’s wet and slippery deck or while walking across the floor at a restaurant. Injuries that result from falls are often painful in nature and an individual may be forced to seek medical care.

Food poisoning and other illnesses are also a major hazard for cruise ship passengers. With thousands of men, women and children literally packed atop one another, these types of close quarters serve as a breeding ground for the spread of viruses which, if contracted, can not only ruin an individual’s vacation, but may also result in other serious health complications.

Other dangers that cruise ship passengers and employees face relate to acts of sexual violence. In cases where a cruise ship employee is accused of sexual assaulting another employee or a passenger, a ship’s operator may be liable. In cases where an attack or assault is committed by a passenger against another passenger, legal remedies are provided under the Cruise Vessel Security and Safety Act.

Cruises are more popular than ever and while cruise lines’ marketing materials are full of glossy photographs of people laughing and having fun, there are many hazards to which passengers and employees are readily exposed. Individuals who have been injured while aboard a cruise ship would be wise to consult with an attorney who handles maritime personal injury matters.

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