Working Knowledge Of Maritime Law

There are specialized laws that apply to accidents that happen on or near the water. These laws are substantially different than the personal injury and workers' compensation laws that apply to land-based accidents. If you hope to get fair compensation for a maritime injury, it is critical that you choose an attorney who truly understands maritime law.

At the law firm of Tabak, Mellusi & Shisha, we know maritime law, not only in theory, but in practice. Our team includes lawyers who served as engine officers and deck officers on blue water ships. We are the only U.S. maritime law firm with lawyers who are former merchant marine officers and who maintain their licenses in continuity status.

Results-Oriented Representation For Maritime Injury Victims

Our commitment is to getting you compensation for medical care and more, compensation you may be entitled to under the Jones Act or other maritime laws.

Our comprehensive understanding of both shipboard operations and maritime law has proven critical because the success of a maritime injury case hinges on the development of the facts. The unparalleled maritime experience of our attorneys enables us to quickly identify the essential elements in any maritime injury case and develop an appropriate legal strategy.

Our combination of knowledge, technical skills and resources has earned us a record of success handling serious injury claims in New York City, nationwide and worldwide.

No Recovery, No Attorney Fee

We handle cases on contingency, which means you will only be required to pay an attorney fee if we are successful in getting you compensation.

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