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Posts tagged "Maritime Accidents"

Careless boaters in parade cause others to sink

A group of boaters in Austin, Texas, have made national news after getting much more than they bargained for when they decided to participate in a parade that was meant to show their support for the president's re-election campaign. Five of the boats sank and at least three others took on water. While nobody was injured, at least 15 rescue calls were sent out because of problems the boaters had staying afloat.

Can better data help stop maritime disasters?

Major maritime accidents happen so often that hardly a news cycle goes by without another incident being reported. From oil tankers that collide with rocks to accidents with fishing boats, the consequences of these accidents are horrible for everyone involved. But are these kinds of accidents inevitable simply because of the risks associated with working on the water?

What are the dangers that ship's engine room workers face?

Of all the roles that you can hold on a ship, working in a boiler room is one of the riskier jobs. The high temperatures and pressure systems in a ship's engine room can make for a hazardous work environment. Accidents may happen even you implement the best safety and precaution measures in the ship's boiler room.

How safe is it to ride or work on ferries?

Many individuals use ferries to get from where they live to their Manhattan job every day. Product distributors or logistics companies also use ferries to transport vehicles and other types of cargo, goods and materials between ports. While many of these everyday occurrences go off without a hitch, there are instances in which unfortunate accidents occur, and either passengers or workers get hurt. Individuals may sue for compensation for their injuries or loss in cases like these.

Federal legislation exists to protect injured deck workers

If you've ever been to a marina or a docking port, then you've likely noticed that it's a hub of activity. You're apt to see recreational boats, cruise ships or large cargo barges come and go for hours on end depending on which one of these harbors that you visit. One of the hardest jobs at these ports is that of a dockworker or longshoreman. It's also a dangerous position for someone to have.

What does unseaworthiness mean?

Commercial boat accidents are much like plane crashes. They don't happen all that frequently, but when they do, they're often catastrophic. One of the reasons why water vessels become involved in serious accidents and people aboard often end up hurt is due to unseaworthiness. This is a term that legal analysts use to describe any situation that renders a boat unsafe and causes injuries.

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