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Safety must be a priority on small vessels

Heading out on a small vessel can be a fun activity for the day; however, you must ensure that you're ready for spending time on the water. Accidents that happen on one of these smaller boats can lead to considerable injuries and possibly death if you aren't properly prepared.

What makes small boats particularly dangerous?

Small boats can be fun for many but dangerous as well. U.S. Army data shows that more than 80% of all boating fatalities occur in boats that are less than 26 feet long. Individuals who skipper smaller boats generally have limited boating experience and aren't very familiar with standard boating safety precaution procedures.

Seldom highlighted reasons why boating accidents occur

Most individuals who hear about a boat accident may think about either intoxicated or inexperienced skippers recklessly operating their water vessels. Other factors are seldom spoken about but are often to blame for some of the most severe boating accidents.

Common reasons why boaters have accidents

One thing that many New Yorkers look forward to doing over the summer is getting out on the water in their boats. This uptick in water vessels during this time of the year doesn't come without dangers. There are some common reasons why individuals get hurt while at sea during this time of the year.

What happens if skippers aren't skilled in navigating rough seas?

One of the first things that captains learn in their seamanship classes is about how to best handle their water vessels if they come upon rough seas. There can be severe damage to the boat and mass human casualties if a captain doesn't take proactive measures in instances like this.

Long Island municipality faces another lawsuit after boat crash

Although no one expects a car accident, most drivers know how to handle one. They may take photographs of the scene for insurance purposes or call the police to report a serious incident. But the process can be unclear in the case of a boating accident, when effects or liability may not be as obvious to victims and their families.

First lawsuits against cruise ships for viral outbreak emerge

Cruise ships have a certain reputation for being less-than hygenic at the best of times. Some people have even referred to them as "floating Petri dishes" because they essentially put a lot of people together into small spaces and keep them there for a few weeks. That makes it easy for disease like COVID-19 to thrive and spread.

Night boating safety tips

While recreational boaters can often just head to shore when the sun falls, if they're not comfortable driving at night, the same is not always true for those running commercial vessels. Schedules and jobs may require them to continue boating after dark.

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