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September 2020 Archives

Careless boaters in parade cause others to sink

A group of boaters in Austin, Texas, have made national news after getting much more than they bargained for when they decided to participate in a parade that was meant to show their support for the president's re-election campaign. Five of the boats sank and at least three others took on water. While nobody was injured, at least 15 rescue calls were sent out because of problems the boaters had staying afloat.

Thrown off a fishing boat? You can seek compensation

Any time a fisherman sets out onto the water, they put themselves at risk. For sure, the life of a commercial fisherman can be harsh, lonely and quite dangerous. Still, many are drawn to the field, perhaps because it is something that their families have always done or simply because of an inherent love of working outdoors in nature.

Can better data help stop maritime disasters?

Major maritime accidents happen so often that hardly a news cycle goes by without another incident being reported. From oil tankers that collide with rocks to accidents with fishing boats, the consequences of these accidents are horrible for everyone involved. But are these kinds of accidents inevitable simply because of the risks associated with working on the water?

Common hazards that shipbuilders face at work

People who work in the shipbuilding industry are often subjected to hazardous conditions. Employers have a duty to mitigate those hazards, but there's still a chance that accidents will occur. While it isn't always easy to address the safety issues that come with this job.

Safety must be a priority on small vessels

Heading out on a small vessel can be a fun activity for the day; however, you must ensure that you're ready for spending time on the water. Accidents that happen on one of these smaller boats can lead to considerable injuries and possibly death if you aren't properly prepared.

Injured maritime workers should know their rights

People who work in the maritime industry have special protections provided to them through the Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act (LHWCA). This act covers a variety of individuals in the industry, including harbor workers, longshoremen, ship loaders and unloaders, truckers who haul shipping containers from the docks and others.

Why are deck winches so dangerous for commercial fishermen?

Data compiled by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows that the commercial fishing industry is one of the most dangerous occupations in this country. The fatality rate for those working in the commercial fishing industry is 35 times higher than that of any other average U.S. professional.

Injured cruise ship worker seeks compensation from Carnival Corp.

A now paralyzed cruise ship worker has filed a civil lawsuit against two Carnival Corp. cruise ship subsidiaries seeking compensatory damages after a slip-and-fall injury in April. Citing the Jones Act, Antonio Sisca, a 28-year-old former professional dancer from Italy, seeks an unspecified monetary amount from Holland America Line (HAL) Maritime and Princess Cruise Lines. The Jones Act protects workers at sea and declares that companies must provide a safe place to work.

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