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March 2020 Archives

Long Island municipality faces another lawsuit after boat crash

Although no one expects a car accident, most drivers know how to handle one. They may take photographs of the scene for insurance purposes or call the police to report a serious incident. But the process can be unclear in the case of a boating accident, when effects or liability may not be as obvious to victims and their families.

First lawsuits against cruise ships for viral outbreak emerge

Cruise ships have a certain reputation for being less-than hygenic at the best of times. Some people have even referred to them as "floating Petri dishes" because they essentially put a lot of people together into small spaces and keep them there for a few weeks. That makes it easy for disease like COVID-19 to thrive and spread.

Below Deck shows that deckhand work can be quite dangerous

One ever-popular show on television (TV) is Bravo's Below Deck. In case you haven't watched the program before, it gives you a behind-the-scenes look at what it's like to work as a deckhand on a superyacht for the rich and famous. The work that these individuals perform is far from glamorous. In fact, it's downright dangerous. Many of the show's stars have been seriously hurt as they've worked on these vessels.

Maintenance and cure should only be ended by a doctor

Maintenance and cure, like so many terms from the long history of seamanship, is exactly what it sounds like. Maintenance is the cost of living while on a ship or in recovery due to injuries suffered on a ship. Cure is the expense of medical treatment and other infirmary costs. This may be an accounted amount or a daily stipend.

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