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December 2019 Archives

You're entitled to compensation as an injured seaman

Water vessels and seamen must be insured much like a vehicle and its passengers. There is general liability coverage that covers the ship itself and any tangible property that may be on it. There's also protection and indemnity coverage that vessel operators must maintain to cover any seaman's bodily injuries, though, as well. There are some basic coverage limits that all boat owners must maintain to lawfully operate here in New York's waters.

3 Potential hazards of working on a fishing vessel

The fishing industry is an important element to the U.S. economy and a significant part of east coast culture. Commercial fishing vessels are the backbone of the industry, making trips out into the open waters to bring back hauls of fish and other sea creatures. But working on a fishing boat can sometimes be risky. Like in any job, there are certain dangers that accompany a job in the commercial fishing industry.

Fires on cargo vessels raise concerns about safety regulations

A life at sea is, as legend has it, full of untold riches for the right adventurer. But the reality for modern sailors is often untold dangers, as operating and working on large cargo vessels remains one of the most problematic careers for U.S.-based workers.

There are many dangers that offshore workers face on the job

The U.S. Department of the Interior's Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) has long been tracking outer continental shelf worker injuries. The federal agency has required all employers who operate in these waters to report any injuring incidents that caused workers to seek medical attention or miss one or more days from work since July 2006. Some factors cause more offshore worker injuries than others.

Seafarers can meet their needs while in port

If you are new to the seafaring world, you may be unaware of the services and amenities offered by the International Seafarers' Center in Port Newark, New Jersey. As part of The Seamen's Church Institute, a service agency dedicated to meeting mariners' needs, the Center is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

How can New York boaters avoid getting hurt on the open seas?

When you hear about a boating accident on the news, it often involves a large cruise ship that came under distress due to hazardous conditions such as poor weather. Large ships sailing out in the middle of the ocean aren't the type of water vessel that's most vulnerable to having an accident though. Small, open boats that congregate in inland waters are at the highest risk for becoming involved in catastrophic incidents instead.

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