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June 2018 Archives

What to do if you believe you were wrongfully terminated

Being terminated from your job is a hard situation to be in. As a union worker, you have contracts that outline what protects your position and what decisions your employer can make about your employment. Even with protections, some employees are fired for illegal reasons. This includes a sickness from working at sea, disability or injury from an accident on board or refusing to go against regulations. If you have been fired and believe you were subject to discrimination, it may be a wrongful termination.

3 Cruise Ship Risks to Be Aware Of

Manhattan vacationers may view cruise ships as a great way to see the world in a safe and convenient manner. However, cruise ships carry numerous risks for their passengers, some of which can have deadly consequences under the right circumstances. Being aware of these risks is crucial, especially when your entire family is onboard.

Tips on Preventing Boating Accidents From Occurring

Safety is a key concern for all New York boaters. Failure to follow the rules may easily lead to a serious boating accident, which can sometimes have devastating consequences. While you can’t always prevent an accident from occurring, there are steps you can take to lessens to chance of significant injury or property damage. offers the following advice to ensure safe time is had by all on the water.

Understanding cause of action

It may be easy to assume that any time you are injured in Manhattan, the potential for assigning liability exists. Many come to us here at Tabak Mellusi & Shisha LLP with this mindset, only to be disappointed to learn that in order to pursue a claim, you must first have cause of action. While cause of action requirements can often be quite general, it is still helpful to understand the concept behind them in order to be sure in knowing if you do or do not have legal recourse in a certain situation. 

When can maritime workers be tested for alcohol?

Drunken sailors appear frequently in popular culture, singing shanties from the deck while seeking buried treasure. However, professional maritime workers know that alcohol use can have serious consequences at sea. In recent years, the maritime industry has put alcohol testing procedures in place to make the stereotype a thing of the past. Maritime workers should expect testing to occur in a few different circumstances.

Former CO of USS John McCain pleads guilty to negligence charges

The former commanding officer of the USS John McCain pleaded guilty in late May to dereliction of duty as part of a plea deal in the case involving a fatal crash with an oil tanker in a busy Singapore waterway. The August 2017 collision killed 10 sailors and injured many others.

How does the maritime industry protect its workers?

For New York employees who clock into work while on the water, uncertainty is simply part of the job. Because the maritime industry inevitably deals with some of the earth's most powerful elements, workers must go through special training before starting positions. This training can be very rigorous and time-consuming, and while some might believe these measures are unnecessary, they play a vital role in keeping employees safe.

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