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October 2015 Archives

If you're injured on the seas, you have the right to compensation

Just like workers on land, workers whose jobs take them out on the water are afforded protections under the law that provide compensation to workers who are injured on the job or accidentally die during the course of duty. Whether the individual was working as a fisherman on the treacherous high seas or as an engineer on a cruise ship sailing across the ocean, their employer is required to pay benefits that are not unlike a land worker's workers' compensation benefits.

A look at why commercial fishing is so dangerous

From the Discovery Channel's "Deadliest Catch" to National Geographic's "Wicked Tuna," it seems like just about every television network has its own show about commercial fishing. And why not? Just in the United States alone, the commercial fishing industry brings in roughly $4 billion a year, according to NOAA's most recent data. It's a huge market that many people know very little about, making these kinds of shows interesting and educational to say the least.

Missing Vessel EL FARO

As we pray and continued to hope that survivors of the EL FARO will be found, we continue to ponder the numerous questions as to the underlying facts, circumstances and causes. Such was the case with the sinking of the bulk carrier POET in 1980 and the LASH vessel MS MUNCHEN in 1978. Both vessels were lost with all hands leaving no witnesses to testify as to what had occurred. Hopefully that will not be the case with the EL FARO. Looking ahead as to how those questions may be answered, it is of interest to note that under US law two agencies have authority to investigate major marine casualties, the National Transportation Safety Board and the US Coast Guard. A major marine casualty is defined in 46 C.F.R. § 4.40-5 and in 49 C.F.R. § as follows:

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