Compensation For Injured Deckhands

A deckhand or person providing general labor services on board an ocean-going vessel may be considered a "seaman", even though that person is not involved in navigating the ship or maintaining its engines. This includes workers on cruise ships such as hotel service personnel, chefs, hair dressers, entertainers and gambling dealers. As a seaman in the eyes of the law, you can qualify for benefits under the Jones Act, should you be injured in an accident.

Though you have three years from the date of the accident in which to file a claim, you should talk with an experienced Jones Act attorney as soon as possible. The groundwork of your claim should be laid early, to protect your rights and your ability to obtain compensation.

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The New York City law firm of Tabak, Mellusi & Shisha aggressively represents deckhands and other service personnel on oceangoing vessels, including cruise ships. Our attorneys are former merchant marine officers with a comprehensive knowledge of shipboard operations. This enables us to quickly understand the key factual and legal issues in a maritime accident claim and respond appropriately. We will use our experience and knowledge when we represent you, seeking maximum compensation for all losses, including medical costs, lost income, and pain and suffering.

Many deckhands suffer repetitive stress injuries to the hands and shoulders. Others suffer hearing loss, are exposed to toxic chemicals or suffer other injuries that permanently harm their ability to work. To protect your livelihood, talk with Tabak, Mellusi & Shisha.

Your employer's insurance company wants to minimize the compensation it provides. Before you accept a settlement offer discuss your case with our experienced lawyers. In a free consultation, one of our lawyers can review your case and discuss how we can help you.

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